Meeting point: Bowling Green
Closest subway: 5/6
Nearby: N/R/2/3
Tour length: 1.5-2 hrs
Tour times: 10am, 1pm
Price: $25 per person (cash only/credit cards coming soon)
Email us for specific reservations or group reservations at
Nederlandse/Vlaamse groepen welkom
Follow a map from 1660 as we trace the footprints left by NYC's founding fathers
The hustle and bustle of the colony comes alive with stories of local residents
A New Amsterdam walking tour with Let's Go Dutch adds a colorful touch to a 400 year old tale
Here's a video preview of the tour
"If you're thinking of taking a tour while in Manhattan forget the hop on hop off busses you see all over town.  Instead take a personal walking tour conducted by two charming hosts from the past. Your guides for this tour of 'New Amsterdam' dress in period Dutch costumes and portray real life characters that came here as immigrants to the first New York City when it was named New Amsterdam and they really know their stuff. The tour is informative and fun, you'll even get to feel a beaver pelt and in the two short hours you'll spend with these folks you will walk around all the sights of New Amsterdam and learn about the early days of the city as it grew from the Battery to Wall Street."
- John B.,  Manhattan

"To tour 'New Amsterdam' with Veronica and Willem is a chance to step back in history. Their colorful costumes, engaging personalities and deep knowledge, bring the settlement of New York alive. This is definitely not one of those same old cookie cutter tours.  I'm a life-long New Yorker and learned so much on this wonderful walking tour." 
- Jan R, Brooklyn, NY

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at Bowling Green in lower Manhattan to take the 'Let's Go Dutch' walking tour. Within the first few minutes I was already learning information about the very place I was standing that interested me greatly. So I was constantly ready at that point for more and the information kept on coming. I recommend this tour not just for tourists from out of town, but especially for those native New Yorkers who walk these streets every day but never realized the rich history around them in their home. The costumes of our guides were authentic looking. Keep a look out for the next tour, it is a very productive use of time for education and exercise. "
- Nick A, NYC
Some pictures from our tours
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